Monday, August 30, 2010

Off the Charts!

Youtube has recently announced their addition of the Youtube Chart feature to rank and organize top videos. This feature was designed to keep viewers updated on the trending videos of the day as well as surface "interesting and timely content" from the site. The video are listed several different ways; you can choose from the top 100 viewed videos, most liked videos, or most subscribed videos of that day. This list of around 900 videos will keep you up to date on which videos you should be watching and how they stack up with the competition. Youtube is also looking for suggestions from viewers on what other categories they would like to see on their charts. The most subscribed comedy channel this week or the most liked music video today? You decide. Take a look at The Video Editor's Youtube Channel and subscribe and help us climb those rankings!

19 August 2010. O'Dell, Jolie.

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