Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Typical Production Process

Today is it possible to shoot a high quality video at nearly half the price you would pay just 10 years ago. This allows clients to get more bang for their buck! While each video production is significantly different, the following guidelines are the basic production steps in creating a successful project with The Video Editor. Call us concerning your particular project; we will set up a meeting and carefully construct a solution that fits your exact needs and expectations. Until then, take a look at the typical production steps of the video creating process.

1. Client consultation, we discuss intended audience and how to best convey the message points. You or we will begin writing the script.

2. Pre-production planning. This is one of the most important steps in the production process. The shooting schedule is planned; we discuss how the shoot day will happen and when. This pre-planning is where potential pitfalls are averted. Proper planning is were we save customers times and money.

3. Production day-we efficiently shoot all the elements of the production.

4. Post production begins. First we edit a rough cut of the production to show the client how the video is coming together. After approval is given we proceed to the final edit where we polish the project up with the addition of music, titles and other special effects if necessary.

5. We deliver you the final product in the format of your choice. DVD, CD, Web, videotapes or other formats, you name it! Typical completion cycle takes from 14-30 days.

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