Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get To Know The Video Editor

Don't know much about us? Get to know The Video Editor and what services we provide. The Video Editor is an award-winning video production, video editing, videotape transfer, and CD & DVD duplication company. We can help you tell your story through video. Our experienced staff uses the latest in digital broadcasting quality video and promise timely and high-quality. Whether we are taping a five minute sales or marketing video, or a one hour complete training tape, our crew has done it all and we will deliver the best results.

Here are just a few examples of the corporate video communication solutions we offer:
Corporate Video. Every company needs a corporate overview DVD. It communicates effectively who you are, your purpose in business and your competitive advantage. Give a company tour; tell your history, show the audience why you are a forward thinking company.

Training Videos. Your company can reduce effort and expense of employee orientation and training by using video to do the job. Not only does video perform the task perfectly, everytime, it's available 24/7 on your secure website.

Live Events. Attract attention and traffic to your trade show booth with a company or product promotional video playing on a big screen monitor. Corporate Meetings or seminars, we video tape the event for multiple uses later.

Advertising. We produce commercials that cut through the clutter. We work with you to create professional advertising pieces from 15 seconds to full 30 minutes infomercials. We also produce short welcoming messages or product overviews that are available for viewing on your website.

Sales Presentations. We can create video that can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations, CD's or DVD's and even placed on your website that can raise the bar and electrify the crowd.

Non Profits. We have worked with a variety of charities to produce low budget emotional appeal videos that are designed to enlist volunteers, solicit donations and challenge the viewer to get involved.

Public Relations Video. If you need to promote a campaign, convey a concept, build a brand, or media train a client we have your solution. We have produced Video News Releases and have experience training management how to speak to media.

We produce videos that support your need and we look forward to helping you with your next video project.

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