Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Three Types of Online Videos and Their Uses:Conversion Video

A safer and more easily managed type of video for business owners is conversion video. Usually placed on the homepage, these videos are created to reach a specific goal business owners have. They are used to engage users so they will spend more time on the business homepage and eventually make more money for the company. A good conversion video clearly works towards driving viewers towards a specific goal such as downloading a certain file or buying a product. These videos contains a call of action that is inline with the goal so there is a clear path the user can follow.

Once an effective conversion video has been produced you must make sure there is a big enough audience to promote your video. Conversion video on your homepage should be easily visible and accessible especially if it is a integral part of the conversion strategy on your website. Often times business owners put the video on auto-play and start it automatically when users reach their website to grab their attention the first moment they can. Strategies depend on the individual but when the percentage of conversions rises after placing a video on your homepage, it can have a very positive impact on your revenue and success.

References: Sevitt, Daniel "Online Video for Business" ReelSEO.

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