Monday, November 1, 2010

Repurposing older videos

Recently The Video Editor had the opportunity to work with a Power Generating Company with multiple plants throughout California. AES Southland needed their safety video updated with newer images/video and to make the narration also available in Spanish. The Video Editor went on-location to several plants and picked up shots of newer equipment and videotaped the company president giving a welcoming message. These new shots replaced older outdated video. Creative video editing and new graphics also gave this tired video new life. We re-voiced the video with English and Spanish narration.

So with very little money and time The Video Editor was able to gave that safety video a much needed face-lift. Sometimes video production is really just a simple update. What about your older media assets that you paid dearly for a few years ago, could they use a few cosmetic updates?

Simple Low cost changes can give years of new life to those safety, training and marketing videos.

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