Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video Presentations: Communicating Effectively With Clients

Audiovisual presentations are highly persuasive and, therefore, more effective than simple text-based power-points or other ordinary business plans. By incorporating a video presentation within a business proposal, audiences will more actively engage with the material.

Videos help communicate to clients, keeping them engaged with what they are watching and overwhelming the senses with audio and visual components. The substance of a proposal appears more interesting, and has the potential to entertain as well. Overall, this increases viewer pleasure and can ultimately make or break a business deal.

Video is invaluable because it allows the client to associate the pitched product, and overall proposal, with a professional presentation. Ideas can be clearly explained and demonstrated to clients using a media-rich format that increases spectator attention. These videos introduce product information, and serve a dual-purpose as training tutorials.

An increasing number of businesses and corporations are beginning to implement audiovisual presentations in hopes of generating sales. A professional video will receive a better response from target audiences, making it a beneficial component for business proposals.-Reader Post

Here is an example video done by The Video Editor staff, shot and edited completely from scratch using a script developed by our team in collaboration with the client.

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