Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If you've got a Hard Drive Camcorder and you haven't been putting the footage on your computer, you've probably got little or no space left on your HD. Don't fret, the upload and edit process is easier than you think! There are several easy to use video editing programs perfect for filmmakers like you! Making the decision between programs is difficult, so we've decided to give you our opinion on the matter. In less than two weeks, you'll have access to reviews written by our team of professional editors. The Video Editor is making video editing easy for you!


  1. Nice Blog. Your website is also very nice.
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  2. view an excellant vedio editng ....done on indian record holder film block buster chennai express,,...the editing is done with premiere pro heres the link

  3. So far, I’ve only tried using Windows movie maker and AVS video. Between these 2, I’d say that AVS is a better video editing software because its features are more flexible than what is available in Windows Movie Maker. Also, I have been scouting for other editors but hoping I could find some free downloadable links to be able to assess them. Nice informative post you have, thanks for sharing. I would like to hear for some tricks and tips on video editing from you. :]